Ice Mining Op Succesfully complete

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For the last week we have been mining a Gallente Ice field. We finally have met the necessary quota and now it’s off back to pocket. The corp started up a project. We are now building our first Rorqual. I hope we can finish it soon. I’m also checking if our corporation has any interest in starting up the production on the new Tier 3 battle cruisers. Within our alliance there is still no corporation proposing to build the Gallentean or the Amarr Tier 3 battle cruisers.

There is literally billions of ISK’s to be made on this. I hope we’ll get the contract and start baking the new ships soon.

EVE Online October 28th 2011

Where have I been?

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It has been a very long while since I last let you know of my adventures. In the mean time a lot of things have changed. After more then a year of radio silence, I’m back!

I’ve been very busy getting several industrial certifications. I’m very close to be the best industrialist available in EVE. I have invested more then 20 million SP in industry alone and currently I’m training up to the Rorqual, a capital industrial ship.

I have tasted my first losses, both in ships as in finances. You learn as you make mistakes and make money for other people. They are hard lessons to learn. Therefor some tips for new capsuleers.

  1. Do not flip a yellow can, even if the owner says he doesn’t need the loot.
  2. When in a covert ops ship, always warp to a random celestial and cloak up.
  3. Always listen to the FC, it will safe your life.
  4. When you died, buy a new clone immediately.

Those are the most important tips I can give just on the top of my head.

So the current status is that I’m able to fly the Gallentean Covert Ops Transport called a Viator. I also lost one because I asked my superior where to warp to and he didn’t have a warp point for me. After the initial cloak wore off I got ganked. Luckily we have a Ship Replacement Programme.

We is not the corporation I work for, but the alliance of corporations to which we now belong. Our corporation is a member of the Space Monkey’s Alliance or SMA in short. We operate and work with one of the major powerhouses in the Eve Universe, namely the Goons. We have our own pocket of space where industrial endeavors are stimulated. Of course at some times you gotta go to the front and defend the alliance, in such times I switch over to simple tackle frigates at the moment.

After my current training schedule to enable me to fly the Rorqual I’ll probably hone my drone skills even further. I have already bought the books, I just lack the time to train all the skills for now. There are so many things that I want to do in Eve, so many things to see. This is what the history books mean with ‘The American Dream’, it means endless possibilities and I like it.

EVE Online October 25th 2011

Cybernetics is hard to study

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But it will be worth my while. I’m two days out to finally graduate my Cybernetics Specialization. I’ll be able to plug in any cybernetic implant from then on. I’m looking forward to increase my memory and intelligence further with it as soon as possible. It will shave off a lot of study time on my future learning plan.

My ETA to complete my industry learning is still far away, but I’m confident that when that time comes I’ll be able to help out in the corp and move in credits to the corp instead of asking more money to fund my study the whole time.

I know it’s not a very exciting update, but the excitement is still a few years out I think. It will get better later on. Check back in a couple of years.

EVE Online March 15th 2010

It’s all about certifications

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It’s been a while since I wrote something in my journal. Life has been hectic. I’m still mining in my Badger Mark II. It’s not an excellent mining vessel, but it gives me the time to study while I still make some money.

Since my last entrance I have obtained several certifications from the Caldari State Academy. In order to graduate however I’ll need to have some more certifications. Obviously the certifications are linked to my intense industry training.

One of my colleagues insisted I should upgrade my Cybernetics skill to level five as soon as possible. It would enable me to have better implants which will ensure I’ll study even faster. On my current track I’d shave off 28 days already, which is insane!

EVE Online March 3rd 2010

Kindness in darkness

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Today something fantastic happened. I don’t know why, but a fellow pod pilot contacted me while I was mining some viscous pyroxeres. For me it’s a hard job and it takes a lot of time before I fill up my 8500m³ hull. This pilot sends in a transmission stating I can loot the can before me.

Slowly I get closer to the can and anxiously I open it. To my suprise it was filled with ore. I had seen that the whole astroid belt where I was mining was vanishing faster due to heavvy mining, but this really was a huge suprise. After cleaning out the first astroid belt, he took me to the last one and started mining that belt completely as well.

Apparently he was just mining to kill some time. He wasn’t interested in the ore, he just wanted to pass some time. I never hauled so much ore in one evening and turned in for the night. Suprised that not everyone has a dagger ready to be planted in your back.

EVE Online February 15th 2010

The most beautifull day in my short life

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I finally boarded my brand new Badger Mark II. It was a glorious moment. I had been studying to get my necessary licenses for a while now, hence the radio silence. The Badger is huge, really huge. Tons of storage space. The only problem I found is that it’s not really suited for mining. It only has one mining hardpoint which means I have to mine at 50% of my previous capacity, in other words it takes me twice as long to mine the same amount. On the other hand I don’t have to do so many roundtrips anymore.

There must be a way to combine both, keep the mining speed and lose the amount of roundtrips. I’ll have to investigate into this matter.

EVE Online February 3rd 2010

Life goes it’s way

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At a nice pace too. I decided I don’t need more stress. I will do my education and fullfill my first set out step. There is not much to be said. I’m almost past my 1.6 million points of knowledge. This means that my original brain capacity limit has been reached.

Thanks to my life in the pod I’m able to store more knowledge. It just takes me a bit longer to fully comprehend it. Luckily I chose to learn how to learn. It will enable me to learn more skills faster.

I love knowing I have all the time in the universe to build up my own dynasty.

EVE Online January 28th 2010



I have been wandering space today, eager to actually locate something with my limited scanning abilities. It paid up in the end. I wandered into a safe spot with some nice Velspar, I know it’s common ore, deposits.

In this particular system I found my very first unstable wormhole. I was extatic to find it. I felt how Christopher Columbus must have felt finding new land.

I’m now on my way to fetch my trusty Bantam. I’m going to start mining. It might not be the most exciting job and I already know it’s not the job that I aspire to do in the end. I want to be a superior builder. Crafting the very tools of war that decide who will win the next major battle. It’s a dream, an aspiration I cherish.

Education progress is slower now. It will take me about 5 days before I’ll master this particular course. I heard that’s not too long, but it’s the longest that I ever needed to finish up my study. I’ll be happy when I will conclude the complete learning track. I have estimated that it will take another hundred days. Then I will finally have mastered Learning with honours.

We’ll see if I’ll last, studying this material is tedious and not really fun to do.

EVE Online January 22nd 2010

Time to adjust expectations

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I undestand now how naive I was. I’m probable still very naive. I went into 0.6 sec space to find riches and in a way I did. I found knowledge and a good mining spot. Unfortunatly I’m lacking the skills to exactly pinpoint the spot. It’s common ore, but a lot of it and I don’t think it’s mined that much. I came very close to actually discover it. After pushing my scanning skills to the limit I got a signal of 99.00%. Unfortunatly you need to get a 100% signal strength before actually being able to go into some place.

I decided to try using 5 scanning probes. But alas, that didn’t help narrowing down that last percent. It actually didn’t do anything good. I decided to see around and go to the solar systems around my new base of operations. I found some gueristas haven, but I’m not interested in them. I don’t really care that they are evil pirates. I just want a nice spot to start up my mining business.

I went back to the skills drawing board and I noticed, since I want a long EVE life, I need to skill up in the most efficient way. I’m currently grinding trough my educational skills and will move on shortly to other attribute related skills. I noticed that after those studies, Industry studies are the next in line for someone with my attributes, high memory and intelligence. Unfortunatly in order to obtain all courses for those studies I will need to apply for a new loan.

I wrote to the internal education department of our corporation in the hope to have my case granted and it did get granted I will loan about 120 million ISK purely for studying purposes. the department will pay out the full sum needed and I will be able to go around and gather the necessary course materials. After that it will be a long way until I complete my courses. Initial calculations gave me a calculation of about 180 days.

The corporation has put me up on the mining roster in hi-sec space for the moment. Everything I earn will eventually go back to the company. I’ve been hearing around for a decent mining vehicle and learned that an Osprey is to be my aim as a mining vessel.

I just completed 17 jumps for one of my courses. Time to log out for the day.

EVE Online January 22nd 2010

Time to move

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Helping out the sisters is currently out of reach of my abilities. It really came to me as a shock. I reserved some of my time for thinking. Thinking about the future, how I would overcome and survive this harsh -yet beautifull- world.

I decided it is time to move and start up my mining activities. I decided to move to Tuurianinas. I docked into the Core Complexioin Inc. Factory near Tuuriainas III. I dropped of my Condor and went back to Uitra in my pod to fetch my Bantam that I already prepped for mining.

I’m about to head out and find the riches of space. Wish me luck, I will need it.

EVE Online January 20th 2010